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I’ve decided to walk The Oxford Green Belt Way and to use it and its environs as source material for new painting. Why? For a number of reasons which will be unpicked and considered en route. For the moment my head is full of the proposed route 2 for the Oxford Cambridge Expressway, decision to be unveiled very soon in early July. Obituary or celebration? Hardly the latter whichever way it goes as the road will be built and we will all suffer.

My walk via the Oxford Green Belt Way this morning, took me along and across fields (Shotover Plain to Sandhills to Forest Hill) which may shortly not exist …. did I hear skylarks? But I was also thinking about public access, about walking the boundaries, about belonging, about mental health as well as physical, about roots as well as routes, about connectivity, about lines of connection, about wild life and corridors, about pollution… and about solutions, long term ones which could deal with long term thinking on the environment.

I don’t know where to start except to use walking as a form of meditation as I often do. I will respond to now, what I see and feel.

Today, 25th June, it is hot and dry (an unprecedented long dry spell so I am told) too dry and I worry about water, crops. High UV, high skies, temperatures mid 20s and soaring upwards. Plenty of noise, light aircraft and the A40 predominantly although the rooks do a good job of camouflaging some of it.


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