Ordinary Landscapes challenged the viewer’s sense of what constitutes an ‘ordinary landscape’, … habitats which were once abundant and commonplace are slipping into obscurity. An interest in botany and habitat and of how these are affected by geology, geography and human intervention inspired me to explore Oxfordshire wildlife reserves (BBOWT) to take note of their inhabitant species and in particular the indigenous British Orchids.

The work involves a range of media , both paint and print often in a form I regularly used at the time, two or three panels to subtly mark time in a walk or through seasons, allowing time for change.

Lost Landscapes was an exhibition for the Campaign for the Protection for Rural England to bring attention to some of Oxford’s precious green spaces. My response to the Warneford Hospital playing field involves painting and photography and layering of images, thus evoking the fragility of this landscape and its ephemeral nature through the recording of its appearance over a period of six weeks in summer.