oil on canvas, 250mm x 300mm
The Brough of Birsay from the Cemetery oil on canvas, 250mm x 300mm

I am a painter who works from landscape, interested in the shape, the light and the colour of the land that I walk. I make paintings for art lovers who share my love of our natural environment, so that they might recognize and revisit their own experience.
The idea is to present a cohesive body of work as a journey, beginning with the physical experience of being in a place and subsequent first painted response – recognisably landscape painting complete with perspective and local colour. The journeying will take me beyond this to a painted evocation of a less tangible feeling of what it is like to be there. One is drawn to a fragment or close up detail in a less described atmospheric whole. This lends itself to mixed process printmaking with which I am currently experimenting.

I also teach painting, drawing and printmaking courses and workshops; technique and skills but focusing on developing other people’s personal art practice. You will be challenged to organise your ideas, to make positive choices , to build on previous artwork and to reflect on personal development. You may benefit from working within a group or prefer a 1:1 experience.

“These classes are invaluable. Being inspired by a professional artist and articulate teacher who puts a lot of thought and effort into each session, learning new techniques and also meeting and sharing ideas with other artists who I would not necessarily have had contact with … a very worthwhile experience”. (student 2013)

“the instruction is thorough, sensitive and clear and individual support is provided throughout…the teacher has a
vision for developing the skills of all members of the group. This is very good teaching”. (student 2011)